HTML 5 advanced training

Learn how to create professional page layouts and designs

Designing your table free web page layouts with HTML and CSS can be very tricky. Luckily he biggest problems have dissolved by itself. Old browsers like the Internet Explorer 5 have no more to be cared about in most of today's web projects. The amount of creating hacks in order to avoid browser bugs has been significantly reduced. Thanks God! But there is still a lot to be considered, when creating your page layout. In this course we develop our own layout framework step by step by analyzing how the floating positioning model works. This understanding will also help up to create things like rounded boxes, tabbed navigation ... using the best practises that have evolved over the years.

How to implement websites, who respond to different client resolutions (mobile, PDA, tablet, desktop)? Responsive Web design!

Of course you are only learning by doing. One exercise after the other ...


ca. 40 training units à 45 minutes

Target audience:

Web designers


Basic HTML and CSS skills, if you are a web design newbie better take the HTML 5 fundamental training first

Building the components:

  • Understanding the box model
  • Browser hacks and resets
  • Managing the flow of content
  • Rounded boxes
  • The art of positioning form elements
  • Tabbed navigation
  • The sliding doors technique
  • Vertical navigation
  • Bread crumbs
  • Horizontal navigation techniques
  • Controlling font sizes

Layouting with CSS

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  • Composing our layout model
  • Layout switching
  • Creating rows and cells
  • Modularizing style sheets
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  • At the end of the seminar all the components that we developed in the beginning will be inserted into our layout model
  • Integrate a tabbed navigation
  • Integrate a vertical navigation
  • Integrate a horizontal navigation
  • Integrate the sliding doors tabs
  • Create a page with faux columns
  • Let's float content in our layout
  • Insert rounded boxes
  • Insert tables