HTML 5 fundamental training

The basics of web design for beginners

This Seminar will introduce you step by step to the basics of web design with HTML 5 and CSS. This seminar is a practical training. The participants will be doing exercises and little projects to get a practical experience of the process of web design. Normally we use simple programming editors like Notepad++, Textpad, ... to perform our coding. However, if the seminar is held as an inhouse training and the workstations are equipped with the Adobe Dreamweaver Development Environment, we can use this as well. I have already held many courses with Dreamweaver and have also special exercise material for this IDE.


ca. 40 training units à 45 minutes

Target audience:

Those who want to want to gain the basic knowledge for creating a PHP generated Website


basic computer skills, no programming experience necessary

Terminology and technical background:

  • What is Markup?
  • What is Hypertext?
  • What is HTML?
  • What is CSS?
  • What is XML?
  • HTML Version History
  • What is Java Script and DOM?
  • What is Flash?
  • What is AJAX?

First steps:

  • The Basic Element
  • How to declare Meta data
  • How to attach a Stylesheet
  • Understanding the Cascading Principle of CSS
  • CSS Rules and Syntax


Positioning with CSS

Practical exercises:

  • Insert Images into a Picture Gallery
  • Learn how to create Hyper links
  • Learn how to use Tables
  • Learn how to format Text and Paragraphs
  • Design a web page with your CV
  • Design the Results of a Football Game with HTML Tables and CSS
  • Create Pages who display stock prices
  • Use CSS Positioning Techniques
  • Learn the Basics of CSS Layout without Tables
  • Create and design HTML Forms
  • Embed Flash Movies and Java Applets in your Web page