Java™ 8 fundamental training

Introduction to the Java™ programming language and to the principles of modern object-oriented development

The Java™ fundamental training is suitable for beginning developers and students of computer science. It provides a simple introduction to the basic concepts of Java™ programming. The seminar does not focus on particular class libraries like graphical user interfaces or server-side programming, etc. Using numerous examples and exercises in the form of simple command line programs, the participants will gain a profound understanding of the Java™ language and object-oriented programming. Java is everywhere.


Ca. 100 training units à 45 minutes

Target audience:

Students of computer science and those who aim to become Java™ professionals


Basic computer skills, no programming experience required


  • Java™'s history and characteristics
  • The Java™ platform
  • The virtual machine
  • Installation and configuration of the JDK
  • Introduction to Eclipse
  • The first program: Hello world!

Variables and data types:

  • How does the computer store numbers?
  • Variables and data types explained
  • What is an assignment?
  • Casting
  • Defining and calling Java™ methods
  • Classes and objects
  • STDOUT and STDIN in Java™

Operators and control structures:

  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Relational, logical, ... operators
The Java Virtual Maschine
Multidimensional Arrays

Arrays and methods:

  • Constructing and using arrays
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Varargs
  • Overloading methods
  • The principle of recursion
  • Command line parameters

Object-oriented programming:

  • Inheritance
  • The principal of abstraction
  • IS A and HAS A relationships
  • Overriding versus overloading
  • Constructors and initializers
  • Interfaces and enums
  • Types and their members
  • Access control
  • The final modifier
  • Exception handling
  • Nested and inner classes
  • Local inner classes
  • Anonymous classes