XML fundamental training

Basic introduction for beginners and non-programmers

If you are working with computers especially in the internationalization and documentation sector you are often confronted with the XML data format. If you are a person, who is not familiar with programming, you may feel intimidated. But still you can not avoid to have some knowledge about XML in your daily business live. This seminar has been designed for your purpose. Get a basic idea what XML is all about without diving to deep into the details, that would usually hurt a "non-programmers" mind.


ca. 16 training units à 45 minutes

Target audience:

non programmers welcome (see course description above)


basic computer skills, no programming experience necessary

Orientation and Tools:

  • How does the computer work?
  • How get data into a computer program?
  • Why XML?
  • What is markup?
  • The history of the Internet and XML
  • SGML versus XML
  • XHTML versus HTML5
  • What is Java Script and DOM?
  • What is AJAX?
  • How to edit XML?

Defining the Document Type:

  • How to define the structure of an XML file?
  • Let's create our own DTDs!
  • How do validate it?
  • Validity versus well-formedness
  • What do I have to know regarding character formats?

How get data into programms

DTDs explained

Namespaces and Schemas:

  • What are namespaces good for?
  • How to correctly define a namespace in my XML Document?
  • What is a schema?
  • XSD Schema versus DTD
  • Let's create our own schema!

Transforming XML Data:

  • Why the need for transformation?
  • What's the difference between XSL and XSLT?
  • How does XSLT work?
  • Let's create our own XSLT stylesheet!
  • Creating PDF Documents with XSL-FO